Well, hello there.

Are you looking for professional copywriting services from a seasoned content expert? In that case, let me introduce myself.

I’m Louise, a copywriter based in Edinburgh, and I can create bespoke, beautiful words for your website, blog, social media or emails.

But they’re not just pretty words. OH NO. They convert. They’re persuasive. They win the hearts and minds of your audience. And they’re always bang on brand.

I love what I do, and so do my clients.  I’m ready to take on your project – big or small! So let’s do this.

OK, GREAT. where to now?

You can get to know me a little better in my about section, or check out which services I offer.

I’ve written about anything and everything,  if you fancy a nosey at my previous work feel free to take a peek. Or browse the lovely things people have said about me.

Or perhaps you just want to dive straight in? I like that. Let’s get the ball rolling then.